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- Book Yourself Solid(R) in Private Practice Self-Study Course

Marketing doesn't get you clients! The right kind of marketing gets you NOTICED. In this course I'll teach you a world-renowned, proven marketing system made famous by it's creator, Michael Port. Build a solid foundation for your business, and get more clients and referrals now... and for the life of your practice. Each lesson includes a video training plus lots of worksheets, samples, and other materials to help you start getting more clients ASAP! Lesson 1: Work only with clients that energize and inspire you. Define your Red Velvet Rope Policy of working only with your Ideal Clients Lesson 2: Know where to find potential clients, speak their language, and attract them to your practice. You can do all of this when you determine Why People Buy What You’re Selling Lesson 3: Become memorable to your referral sources. Establish Your Personal Brand and let it speak for you Lesson 4: Let people know who you are and why they should do business with you. Learn how to Talk About What You Do, in a way that is simple and clear Lesson 6: Give people many ways to get to know you. Create a Sales Process that is inviting and compelling Lesson 7: Keep in Touch with clients and referrers in ways that let them know you care, and remind them that you are there to serve. Choose the system that is most effective and efficient, and works best for you and your practice Lesson 8: Create Information Products that will leverage your time and increase your income potential Lesson 9: Feel more confident when it comes to money issues. You’ll become clear on the Perfect Pricing models that are in line with your goals and intentions Lesson 10: Overcome your discomfort with sales and marketing. Hone in on a Simple Selling conversation that helps you better serve your customers Lesson 12: You’ll learn how to launch a Direct Outreach Strategy that helps you tap into people you need to know to influence your market and increase your income Lesson 13: You’ll gain confidence in how to establish a Referral Strategy that works with ease Lesson 14: You’ll develop a Writing Strategy that will position you as a category authority that others will count on Lesson 15: You’ll determine how much or how little you want to do it, but when you employ this Speaking Strategy, you will definitely be heard and remembered! Lesson 16: You’ll penetrate your market from all angels with this amazingly effective Web Strategy

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